Things to know before your 90 min yoga practice!

Aloha.. guys and gals, wahine and kane... keiki, grandmas and grandpas... everyone! We are so happy that you have been lead to try Bikram Yoga. You have no idea how much benefit you will be able to gain from this amazing practice. 

Whether it's your first time or you are trying again after several months or years without practice... here's a few tips to get your in the door feeling as prepared as possible. 

Firstly, we commend you on trying something new! The first time to try anything can make you feel a little bit nervous. It's OK... Everyone feels this way the first few times! To feel nervous and want to ask a million questions is nothing unusual. We know, we teachers and staff have been in your shoes too! We all remember our first class. 

For your first class just try your best, breathe and take it easy. Teachers give a lot of instruction to the class throughout the 90 mins and sometimes it feels like a lot to remember, or even comprehend. It's okay.. everyone starts their first class like this... like a beginner! If your teacher asks if you are new please make sure to tell them you are a beginner and let them know it is your first time to class

If it is your first class pick a spot in the second row. Generally the front row is for students who have been coming for a while and therefor they can lead and you can sort of follow along what they are doing as you practice. 

You will need to bring 3 big towels. We say 3 because you need 2 towels just for the class and to avoid getting sweat on our nice new floor, and 1 for your shower after class. We sell WayMats at the studio and rent towels as well. If you are using a WayMat, please put a towel or another mat underneath it, sweat can still go through your WayMat to the floor. 

Help us maintain this floor by bringing two towels, or a waymat plus a towel to every class please. Thank you.

Come in with a clean body. It is mandatory that students come into the room with clean feet. If you have been at the beach getting sandy and all salty, or hiking in the beauty of Hawaii you might still have mud on your legs. Please rinse dirty body parts quickly before the class if this is the case. 

Arrive early! Please come to the studio at least 15-20 mins before class, especially on your first time. We don't allow students to arrive late as you don't want to miss the warm up exercises which prepare the body for the whole yoga class. Just like you don't want to miss the opening scene to a good movie! You might not really get the rest of the show!

Do not talk during the class. Out of respect for the others in the room who are meditating, concentrating and sometimes balancing on one foot please please refrain from talking to others or even to yourself. Try not to distract the class with any other non-enjoyable weird sounds like, coughing, snorting, super loud obnoxious breathing, or anything that could be disruptive to those around you. Silence is golden. You may whisper softly before class to your friend or well after the last savasana, lying down relaxation is complete. Ideally, please keep all chatter in the lobby area. 

Please do not bring cell phones purses or personal items into the hot room. Leave your belongings in the locker room, and your personal baggage at the door! 

Stay in the room for the full 90 mins. Please use the toilet before class and take care of any needs you might have before the class begins. Once you are in the room you should not need or have to leave. If you feel dizzy just sit down and take a break, but please don't leave. Students who get into a habit of leaving the class early may be asked to cancel their memberships. Yes we take it that seriously. Make time for the 90 mins or just don't come. The 90 mins two sets of every posture is what makes Bikram Yoga the most effective beginners yoga series in the world. If we change the sequence it is no longer as effective or potent.

Bikram Yoga is a prescription of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, which works! The technique, the sequence, the heat, the yoga and the way we teach doesn't change... YOU DO! How great is found something which will actually make a change in you from inside out. This is the beauty of the transformative power of Bikram Yoga. If we change the series, skip postures, shorten the sequence or turn off the heat you just won't be getting the full benefits of Bikram Yoga. Sadly too... you might actually cause injury by trying to the postures quickly without being properly warmed up. So we are very precise and methodical about how we teach and never skip anything for YOUR BENEFIT. Believe me teachers wish we could give you the same results for less time but unfortunately the truth is the truth and nothing good comes easily without putting in the time. So all of our lessons are the full 90 mins and 2 sets of every posture for YOUR BENEFIT.  Likewise we do not replace or add beginners postures with advanced postures because this practice should never cause any damage to the student. The postures selected in Bikram Yoga series are safe and hard enough for people as is and adding other postures many people new to yoga would be dangerous. So again for your benefit we stick to these 26 and trust me it takes a lifetime just to master these well. 

Last but not least.

Please come into the room in the right state of mind, with an open mind and an open heart. When things get hard smile bigger. Be a student. Come in ready to receive and you will. Every class you will learn something about yourself, about your body, mind and Spirit. Remember, this class is for you to reconnect with your own Mind Body and SPIRIT. Your teacher is your guide and even teachers have good and bad days. We promise to do our best every class and we hope you will too. Have a great class and come back soon!